If you are living abroad and far from your country, then you must need to send money to your family or loved ones. Online money transfers are the top choice by migrants for remittance. Here you can find the best way to send money online.

Some remittance facts from the  UN News

Funds sent home by migrant workers support about one in nine people globally

 Nearly one billion people in the world or one in seven are involved with remittances, either by sending or receiving them. Approximately 800 million in the world or one in nine people are beneficiaries of these flows of money transaction by their family affiliates who have emigrated for work.


Remittances remain costly to send

These international money transfers lead to be expensive on average. Globally, currency exchanges and fees charge to 7 per cent of the total amounts sent. 

Technological innovations, mobile technologies, digitalisation and blockchain, can fundamentally modify the markets, joined with a more favourable regulatory situation.


Half of the total funds sent goes direct to rural areas, where the world's most miserable live.

Around half of the global remittances go to rural areas, where three-quarters of the world's imperfect and food troubled live. It estimates that globally, the aggregated flows to rural areas over the next five years will strike $ 1 trillion.

It concludes that three-quarters of remittances are used to include primary things: put food on the table and meet medical expenses, academy fees or housing costs. Moreover, in times of trials, migrant workers tend to send more money home to cover loss of crops or family emergencies.


The money received is vital in helping millions out of poverty.

The cash sent draws only 15 per cent of the money earned by migrants in the host countries, it is usually a significant part of a household's total revenue in the states of origin and, as such, depicts a lifeline for millions of families.

These are three times more important than international aid and counting.

The remittances are a hidden source of capital that's over three times the amount of official development assistance (ODA), and foreign direct investment (FDI) both.

Over 200 million expatriate workers sent $ 689 billion back home to independent remittance countries, of which $ 529 billion sent to developing nations, in 2018.


According to IFAD, the amount of money sent by foreign migrant workers to their relatives in emerging countries are expected to rise to over $ 550 billion in 2019, up some $ 20 billion from 2018.

When Remittance has such a good impact than why send it costly

There are multiple ways to send remittance by migrants, but it charges more money. In this result, the recipient will get less money. Remittance charges must be low when there is a massive number of people sending it.


Banks are traditional and way to send money to your home country. But generally, it is conceived that banks charge a high fee to send money abroad. Also, it does not give you a high exchange rate.


Online money transfer services

Online money transfer services are very competitive to give smaller fee than others. It is an excellent remittance choice by migrants. Because it gives you a higher exchange rate than banks. Although many online money transfer services help you to Send money online, you must select the best suitable for you.

Select the best for you

Here are some characteristics for selecting the best for you.

The transfer rate and exchange rate

Transfer rates and exchange rates have fluctuated from one to other money transfer company. Choose one that charges less than others. Also, make sure that you are getting a high exchange rate. If the exchange rate is closer to the mid-market price. Then you get the best for you.


Transaction time

It matters the most while sending money. Make sure to have a look at the transaction time. It helps to give an idea to your recipient that how fast your money will reach its destination. In emergencies, it will get you an idea of ​​whether to use this service for emergencies or not.

Transfer methods

Online money transfer services give you the facility to send money to your bank account to your recipient bank account, and cash picks up. Bank transfer facilitates the customer to pick your money from the selected bank or any branch of that bank. 


Cash pick is speedy than bank transfer—also, this more facilitated to choose your cash from many agent locations in minutes.

Track your transfer

Track your transfer is the best option only provided by the online money transfer services. After making the transaction, you can track it by inserting a transaction code into the service provider's website.

Customer service

Customer service is the most important thing for a customer. They want to have it best at an affordable price. If they get it, they keep coming back to Send money online with them again. You can get it while sitting at home; on-line.

When you are sending or receiving money as a migrant, there are many ways for a wire transfer that can do in different ways through banks and online money transfer services. Wire transfers are stable and safe. 

When talking about sending a large amount, there are many preferred options by many people. One of the real opportunities for wire transfer is found here by you that is online money transfer.

Wire transfer?

Wire transfer is an electronic transfer of funds. A wire transfer goes from one bank to another using a network such as SWIFT. But the term wire transfer also used for other types of Transfers as well, so explain the requirements if somebody requests for a wire transfer.

Typically, if somebody talks about the wire transfer or bank wire, it usually refers to the bank-to-bank transfer. The other way to do the wire transfer is Online money transfer services have been adopted fast in today's world.

Speed of Wire transfers

Rate of a wire transfer is not very much longer; it usually takes two days to reach its destination. Sometimes it takes a maximum of four to five days. Same day transfer can be possible through online money transfers, but it depends on in which country you are sending money.

Balanced funds:

Sending large amounts can send through cheque and banks. Checks can be a bounce or rejected before accepting. It takes several days to know that payment was unclear or wrong and you are receiving it. 

It is better to use banks for wire transfer than cheque. Fee for the wire transfer is transparent, and you do not need to wait for the funds to clear before claiming and using it.

Processing time:

A wire transfer can be completed in three to four days maximum. A wire transfer can complete faster if the bank accounts are linked. It could be quick if the version you are wiring is in the same branch of the bank. The staff must work less, and your transaction can complete in one day.

How one can use wire transfer?

Proceed to your bank and ask them for wire transfers. Bank provide you instruction about that. You must provide information about you and your recipient bank account and some specific address. You must fill some form that filled with requirements and submit it to the bank. Few banks allow you to do the wiring process online.

How to receive money from the wire?

Information you provide to your bank must be accurate. Also, send data to the wire recipient which they must need to avail the fund form wire. Request your bank for the incoming wire instruction to be sure that you are sending the correct info. As you read earlier, it takes three to four days maximum to reach, and it might take one day extra to show the received balance through the wire into your bank's account or online account.


One more thing to talk, you and your recipient must pay for the wire transaction. You must pay around forty dollars, and your recipient must pay about ten dollars for accepting the wire funds. Here is a tip, if you use a credit card for transfer and you find your transaction so expensive. 

Never use a credit card for bank transfer. Because credit card comes with high interest and treat your credit card as the advance cash and detect colossal fee. Why a huge cost? Because it collects the bank charges, credit card charges and the interest rate. They become more expensive.

Wire transfer safety

The safety concern appears in wire transfer while sending money. As you know, with a wire transfer money goes from one bank account to another. For the wire transfer, each sender and receiver must have a bank account. If you are afraid of scammers and thieves, your concern is right. So, you must open an account with all considering policy by the bank.

Online money transfer services

Now the phrase wire transfer gets used for different types of electronic transfers. These transactions are safe, reliable and faster than bank wire. Nearly all payments are computerised these days.

Money Transfer services are Amazing of those transfers are instantaneous. A sender can lead to the agent location with cash and the recipient can go to the same service provider located in their country and come out with money in just a few minutes. 

But, if you fund those transfers from your bank account, the process will take at least two days. And if you use your credit card for a money transfer, you will pay extra fees.

One more thing, you must pay less fee than doing wire bank to your recipient. And your recipient does not need to pay for picking up the funds. There is no threat of your account stolen and info stolen because all high upgraded security standard must apply to the well-known money transfer service.


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